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Cine Services

Free Twin DVD Example Pack

Bulk DVD & CD/VHS Duplication

Video tape repair services


Combine your shorter tapes onto the same DVD at no extra charge. To maintain the best quality picture and sound we recommend a maximum or 2 hours per DVD from digital camcorder tapes. From analogue tapes like VHS up to 4 hours is fine. Email us for a advice  or call us on 0800 0141 666

  • Additional copies of any DVD only 5.
  • Nationwide collections & returns available - 15 for any quantity (7.50 each way**)
  • Free Return postage on all orders over 100.
  • Fast 48 hour turnaround times on most orders.
  • Photo still printed with your text on each DVD & Cover.
  • All VHS, Camcorder & Broadcast tapes accepted with no hidden charges.

(**For our collection service your tapes should be wrapped and address in the normal way and should be ready for collection. A UK land line contact number is required to confirm your address and contact details before collection. This services cost 15 including collection and the return of your order to and from your home or office.)



Who Wants a "No Frills" DVD?
We print in full colour, both photos and text on the DVD, full retail style cover with artwork. Each DVD comes with a main menu to access each tape and you can jump to your favorite parts with our five minute chapter access points. All for free!


VIDEO_TRANSFER Damaged Video tape repair Service Beta



Mini DV

Audio Tapes & Micro Cassettes

V2000 - EIAJ's


Why pay more when we can put your Home Video onto Top quality DVD's for Less. Our low prices include many free extras as standard that other  companies charge 's for. 

If you have been shopping around for a quality service to convert your videos onto DVD you have come to the right place.  No one beats our low prices and our customers keep coming back for more!

Your tapes are safe in our hands, we always return both your original tapes & DVD's by fully insured recorded post as standard for added peace of mind! 

We don't have any misleading compatibility warnings either. We offer either DVD-R or DVD+R as standard too, but won't con you into buying BOTH! Why not try an example Twin DVD to see which one you need!

Email us for a free quote or give us a call on 0800 0141 666

Here is some commonly asked questions:

Q.  Why are your prices lower than everyone else,  You only get what you pay for, Right?

A.  Wrong, It never ceases to amaze us that some of you are still willing to pay 25+ to other companies for DVD conversions. (our competitors are still advertising so someone is still paying over the odds!)  Other companies often have re-sellers who add their own mark up. We also buy our high quality DVD's and materials in bulk and pass the savings on in our low prices. Be assured we only use high quality branded blank media and all our additional features are included in the price.

Q. What do we do with your tapes?

A. We create Hollywood style DVD's from your videos, we create custom menus to access each tape and chapters are added every 5 minutes for easy navigation through the footage. We also take a photo still from the video footage and print this directly onto your DVD in full colour with text etc. This is also printed onto a full sized DVD sleeve and then the finished DVD is shrink wrapped and returned to you by insured next day special delivery. Each and every DVD is custom made in this way at no extra charge.

Q. Will the DVD's be as good or better than my original tapes?

A.  Yes!  No matter what format of tape you send us we only use high specification VCR's for playback ensuring perfect playback every time. Full digital tracking and stereo reproduction means your video material is digitised onto DVD with no loss in quality. (many companies use a camcorder for playback) If your tapes are in need of minor picture or sound adjustments this can also be done free of charge. For tapes that are in need of more TLC please contact us for further digital restoration options.

Q.   My tapes are from an old camcorder and I don't know how much video is on them?

A.  If you are unsure of the total length of your tapes and don't know the total number of DVD's you will need don't worry.  Just send us the tapes and we can contact you when they have been transferred to DVD with the total cost. This will be no more than 10 for every two hours of video and payment can be made later by cheque or online via credit or debit card.  Just number the tapes in the right order if known.

Q. Are my tapes safe while in your possession, I am worried about sending irreplaceable family tapes to a faceless internet company. Also are your premises secure?

A.  Yes! We can say whole heartedly that your precious video tapes are safe while in our possession as unlike some of our competitors our premises are manned 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and we can be contacted by phone or instant message anytime, a real person is always here to speak to you.  We are manned round the clock partly because we receive orders daily from all over the world and so are very busy, (this is also why we are so competitive!) Being here 24/7 also protects our assets and investments made in our state of the art conversion equipment. Some conversion companies are based within industrial estates or factory units that may be left unattended at night, however this is not the case with us. Phone us if you are in any way worried!

If you have any other questions or would like a quote or advice please email us or give us a call. 

Email:  or simply post your tapes to:
15 Tollcross Road
Parkhead Cross
G31 4UG

Tel: 0800 0141 666 - Fax: 0141 556 5358

Mob: 07775 862 559

Please post your Video tapes by recorded or special delivery only, alternatively we can arrange collection of your tapes from your home or office from anywhere within the UK**.

(**For our collection service your tapes should be wrapped and address in the normal way and should be ready for collection. A UK land line contact number is required to confirm your address and contact details before collection)


Not sure which format you need? Try out both a DVD-R & DVD+R for just 10* deposit.

* 10 Deposit fully refundable - just return the pack within 28 days for a full refund or credit towards your own DVD Transfer!


Below is an example of what it would cost to select and transfer 120 minutes of
 footage from 2 x 60 min. camcorder tapes onto DVD using us and a similar company.

Both these services use the same high quality DVD's, offer identical menus and chapter options, however our printing and packaging is in full colour with photo stills taken from your videos and printed on both your DVD and Sleeve, yet we cost you much less!

Example Menu

Transfer_video VIDEO_TRANSFER

Example Menu (spot the difference?)

Transfer_video VIDEO_TRANSFER

1st 1 hour Tape 5.00 Base 2 hour DVD Cost 25.00
2nd 1 hour Tape  5.00 2nd Tape Fee 10.00
DVD First Class Recorded Delivery FREE DVD First Class Recorded Delivery FREE
Return Postage of 2 Original Tapes 6.00 Return Postage of 2 Original Tapes 6.00
Choose specific parts of tape YES Choose specific parts of tape NO
Direct Colour DVD Printing* YES Direct Colour DVD Printing* NO
Full Colour Photo Cover*
*We print actual photo stills from your video with text directly onto the DVD Surface.
Full Colour Photo Cover*
Text printed onto sticky label and applied to DVD surface.
Total Cost of 2 x 60minute videos 16 Total Cost of 2 x 60minute videos 41

This is an actual comparisons with us and another online DVD to Video Service!

Just email us for a free quote:  or 



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