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For further information and a free quote please e-mail

Please post your Video tapes by recorded or special delivery only, alternatively we can arrange collection of your tapes from your home or office from anywhere within the UK* Call 0845 200 415.

15 Tollcross Road
Parkhead Cross

G31 4UG

  • Telephone Local Rate: 0141 556 5358

  • Direct Dial: 0800 0141 666 - Fax: 0141 556 5358

  • Mobiles or Text: 07775 862 559

Please make cheques or postal orders payable to Please add 4.50 for your first tape and 1.50 for additional tapes towards the return postage of your original video tapes by next day special delivery.  If you are not in a hurry, cheaper options are ordinary recorded delivery priced at 1.50 per video tape The actual DVD's postage is included in price! Telephone us for collections.

*For our collection service your tapes should be wrapped and address in the normal way and should be ready for collection. A UK land line contact number is required to confirm your address and contact details before collection. This service cost 15 and includes pick up and return delivery for any single package. (just 7.50 each way for up to 20KG)



If your not sure which format you need? Try out both a DVD-R & DVD+R for just 10* deposit.

* 10 Deposit fully refundable - just return the pack within 28 days for a full refund or credit towards your own DVD Transfer!

We transfer to and from all formats as standard and have been doing so for over 20 years. Budget prices doesn't have to mean low quality:

  • All VHS formats (Ntsc/Secam/Pal)

  • All Camcorder Formats (Ntsc/Secam/Pal)

  • Digital8 (Pal/Ntsc)

  • Mini DV ((Pal/Ntsc)

  • MicroMV (Pal/Ntsc)

  • HDV (Pal?Ntsc)

  • Betamax (Pal/Ntsc)

  • V2000 (PAL)

  • BetacamSP (Pal/Ntsc)

  • U-matic (Pal/Ntsc)

  • National Video Cartridges EIAJ  (Pal only)

  • All DVD Formats (any region or format)

  • Video-CD's

  • CD-Rom's avi/quicktime/realmedia/mpeg1/mpeg2/etc to DVD and vice versa.

  • Also from All Cine formats* (8mm, standard8,super8, 9.5mm, 16mm, 35mm) all digitally scanned "frame by frame" for the ultimate picture quality.

* For pricing cine film transfers onto DVD there is an additional charge of 10p per foot of film and can only be used with our premium custom DVD service. Visit for full details on our cine transfer services.


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